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Just Trade & World Finds

Just Trade has been partnering with the amazing WorldFinds for the last 18 months and are working together to reach new markets for the wonderful artisans that we both work with. Based in the US, we have partnered with them as our wholesale distributor for over there and vice versa. We couldn't be more excited to be working with them and here's why!



Kelly and David decided to start WorldFinds back in 2001 after a 14 month trip around the world where they were first introduced to Fair Trade by a fellow traveller. WorldFinds now works with over 700 artisans across India and is a member of the Fair Trade Federation. They offer jewellery and textile accessories, that utilise local materials and skills that are available to the artisans. Through this work the artisans are provided with a safe working environment, fair wages and a regular income to help support themselves and their family. The groups they work with are either part of women's cooperatives, family groups, or are members of the WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization).

Image from WorldFinds



One of WorldFinds main collections is Kantha, named after the traditional Kantha quilt which uses layers of old sari pieces sewn together with an all over running stitch. For their Kantha collection, beads are created from scraps of sari and kantha textiles which are wrapped around hand made wooden beads. The wood for the beads is sourced from a local furniture factory who provides them with their off cuts. Each individual bead is then strung or wired together to create the finished product.

Images from WorldFinds


The Kantha Connection collection is a great way to send someone you a love a little something to let them know you're thinking of them. Each bracelet comes packaged on a beautiful card with a specific theme and uplifting message. Hope, compassion and growth are just some examples of the wonderful messages you could spread through one of these connections bracelets which are now available to buy from our online shop!


To find out more about WorldFinds and their products visit their website here.


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