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The Song of the Tree Collection

We are so excited to have had the opportunity to collaborate again with the amazingly talented Coralie Bickford–Smith for the launch of her new book ‘The Song of the tree’. Inspired by the beautiful and vibrant illustrations, we have worked with our artisans in Vietnam, India and Ecuador to develop a new collection that captures the jungle theme from Coralie's book.

"The Song of the tree is a story about a Bird and her love of one majestic tree in the heart of a jungle. And this book is her love song to that tree. Through encounters with other animals, she learns to find her own voice. Bird understands that letting go doesn’t mean you love someone or something any less." Coralie Bickford-Smith

The tropical leaves that fill Coralie's book throughout are the inspiration for our textile screen print. Each piece in contrasting navy and coral reveals different details from the book and brings to life night time in the jungle. Every product is hand screen printed and carefully constructed by our amazing WFTO producers in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Continuing with the leaf theme, our producers in India have used their signature hammered brass style to capture some of our favourite birds and leaf details from the book. Ranging from statement tropical leaf earrings to delicate bird earrings, there's something for every mood with this collection of hand cut brass jewellery.

Last but by no means least is the beautifully hand carved tagua animals from Ecuador. Our artisans have done an amazing job at translating the details in Coralie's illustrations on paper to their material of choice, tagua. Why not bring to life one of the animal characters with either one of our natural tagua pendants or a birdie brooch.

Shop the full collection here

Check out more of Coralie Bickford-Smiths stunning work here

Photography credit: Josephine Slade


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