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Just Trade works with a WFTO registered textiles project in Hanoi, Vietnam.  This project provides marginalized artisans with the opportunity to improve their lives by offering reliable work and financial security.  Employees have a safe working environment where each member of staff is encouraged to learn new skills, grow in confidence and progress within the company.

The project also works with artisans in provincial villages, employing over one hundred people in Hanoi and surrounding areas.  This includes embroidery workshops in the Long Bien District and Co Chat, a screen printing studio in Du Noi, a fabric dyeing workshop in Nha Xa, Scarf Village in Meo and a Thai weaving group in Mai Chau.

Thai is the third largest ethnic group in Vietnam. Their ancestors migrated thousands of years ago and settled mainly in the Northwestern regions. They have a long, rich culture of textile weaving, using cotton and silk on traditional manual table looms.Using their daily surroundings for inspiration, the patterns in these pieces are based on a type of wild fruit called the Pili nut, or Asian olive which grows in the jungle of the local area and is used in their daily meals. As a way of giving thanks for the fruit, the Thai women weave these patterns into their textiles.

These products help to sustain the artisans traditional weaving heritage and also improve their lives by providing regular work and a fair wage.

Just Trade have been working in Vietnam since 2016, when we took over the running of Manumit, read more here.

Products from Vietnam:
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