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Just Trade on Trend Watch

Here at Just Trade, we've been doing a bit of research into trends that are going to be big in 2017! Take a peek at our finds below...

No. 1 - Life without geometry is pointless

Geometry may not traditionally be seen as the coolest subject but it’s certainly been proving a wealthy source of inspiration this year with strong, bold, graphic shapes popping up on catwalks, dominating home interiors and adorning an array of accessories! From triangles to hexagons and all shapes in between, 2016’s trend for strong, graphic patterns is one that is set to continue well into next year and here at Just Trade, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite pieces to help you to be spot on when it comes to all things geometric…

No. 2 - Life's a beach

If geometry doesn’t float your boat, perhaps our nautical themed bags and jewellery will see you more inspired! It’s predicted to be a major trend for the spring/summer ‘17 season with maritime styles influencing everything from apparel and accessories to colour, materials and beyond. It’s not only Breton stripes that we like to see beside the seaside but anchor motifs, boats, floats and sea creatures. Check out these products that might just help you find your sea legs…

(L-R) Tagua Whale Pendant, Brass Anchor Pendant, Floats and Boats Cosmetic Case

(L-R) Sea Temple Bead Earrings, Brass Seahorse Pendant, Brass Life Ring Earrings

No. 3 - Birds of a feather

And so finally, a trend for next year that takes us from the sea to the sky is that of all things avian. Dubbed ‘put a bird on it’, designers have taken flight with a wide variety of looks featuring our feathered friends and swallows, eagles and even peacocks have all taken centre stage at some point during the various fashion weeks. Following this trend shouldn’t be too difficult, especially with these pieces on offer from the Just Trade collection that we’ve got our eagle eyes on…

(L-R) Brass Lovebird Necklace, Brass Seagull Pendant, Brass Swallow Earrings


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