Do you know who made your jewellery?

During Fashion Revolution Week we are encouraged to ask the question #whomademyclothes? This gives the opportunity for brands to respond, sharing with their customers the makers behind their products, highlighting their transparency or lack of. One of the things we love doing at Just Trade is sharing the stories of our amazing producers and the skills they have.


Pictured above is one of our crochet groups in Peru. Many of the women we work with in Peru know how to crochet as it is common to learn either at school or from family members. By working with us the women are able to use the skills they already have to help support their family. Check out some of the fun crochet products they make here


The artisans based in Sosote are some of the original people we began working with in Ecuador. Over the years they have developed many of our best selling products including; the badger by Darwin, the rabbit by Ronald and the elephant by Carlos. All of the artisans are incredibly talented and true masters in the skill of carving tagua.