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Product Spotlight | The Ruthi Collection

During our most recent trip to Peru last year we developed the Ruthi collection which was launched in AW19. Here's a little behind the scenes on how we developed the collection and the different processes involved.



One of the things we love doing when we visit our producers is exploring new possibilities for product development and the first place we often start is with materials. Last year when we were in Peru we went on a great sourcing trip to the centre of Lima with our main material buyer Patty. We visited all our usual shops and found lots of new materials to experiment with. A new metal available from one of our long standing suppliers was an alternative style of brass rod which we all thought had some great potential!



Once back in the workshop we experimented with processes, exploring a number of different textures and forms but in the end decided on a subtle texture, created by rolling strips of the brass through a rolling mill. Each strip was then carefully hand finished and the form added at the end. Laura worked with Ruthi, after whom the collection is named, to pin down all the final details of the making process and samples.



The final collection focuses on simple forms that highlight the materials subtle textures. Ruthi pieces can be worn individually for every day outings or dressed up for a special occasion with matching pieces.



The Ruthi collection is not currently available on our website but you can buy it from some our amazing online stockists below:


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