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Introducing - Danielle Villiers

Danielle is a second year Design student at Birmingham City University working towards a BA (hons) in Jewellery Design and Related Products. This entails both designing and making original pieces of jewellery and wearable art in a variety of materials. Last year Danielle won a design challenge set by Just Trade titled Luxus Vintage, making striking pieces from wittled wood. We had the opportunity to ask Danielle a couple of questions while she was interning with us this week.

Q: Hey Danielle, welcome to the studio! How has your week been at Just Trade? A: Its been amazing! I’ve been working on some bespoke designs coming out later this summer [more info soon!] as well as helping with day to day tasks and learning more about the business.

Q: What are your plans for once you’ve graduated? A: Moving down to London and potentially doing a masters at the RCA (if I get in!)

Q: Have you visited Peckham before? What are your impressions? A: I’ve never been! Peckham is an interesting mixture of cultures and styles. My favourite thing is Cafe Viva for the delicious sandwiches, as well as the graffiti all over the Bussey Building – I love the big crow!

Q: We got the chance to look in your lovely portfolio, what is your favourite piece that you’ve made so far? A: Probably the Just Trade project and the project I’m working on currently, which I’m really excited about and has so much potential. I’ve used sustainable jersey wool, made from offcuts from factories. It feels lovely! More designs to follow…

Q: Oooh, so you’re interested in sustainability? Where has that interest come from? A: The Wombles! Make do and mend is the way forward. I prefer to use materials that are already out there than to use brand new materials…I don’t like to waste things. Naturally I’m a hoarder, so I hope to continue using the materials I’ve collected in my future work.

Q: Whats your favourite Just Trade product? A: The tagua badger! He’s special with his aluminium eyes…plus he looks a bit like a Womble.

Q: Where can we follow your work? A: I’m working on a website which I hope to launch soon…but you can currently find me on Instagram:@Daniellevilliers93


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