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Happy Mother's Day

Today it’s Mother’s day throughout many areas of the World, including Peru, Ecuador and India, where our producer’s are all based.

To celebrate Mother’s Day here in the UK (back in March) we worked together with Merlin, the UK’s leading international health charity, to create a product that would not only supply work for our Mother’s in the poorest shanty towns in Lima (Peru), but a donation could go towards the charity’s vital work all around the world.

Merlin sends their medical experts to the frontline of global emergencies. When disaster strikes, their doctors and nurses work around the clock to save lives fast. Working together with tireless health workers on the ground, they take countries shattered by war, earthquake or floods from emergency to recovery – staying for as long as it takes. This includes mothers like Fedwa and her newborn daughter Eboma, from the Batalimo refugee camp in the Central African Republic – both healthy and well thanks to Merlin’s Health Clinic. Merlin continues to protect them both through free vaccinations and healthcare, ensuring they do not end up like many others who escape violence and conflict only to succumb to illnesses like diarrhoea and malaria.

The product we sold was a bespoke Gift Card including a handmade, crochet brooch, made by Neri and her friends in Lima. £2 from every brooch sold on our website was donated straight to Merlin, enabling their team to provide treatment to protect 1,200 expectant mothers from the devastating effects of malaria, protecting them and their babies from this terrible disease.

After our campaign, we received a certificate from Merlin to give to our lovely ladies in Peru, above is the photo of them receiving it. They were so proud that their work made such a difference to so many Mothers.

Happy Mother’s Day from all at Just Trade!


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