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Stockist of the Month | Urbanista

Just in time for Whitstable’s annual Oyster Festival, we have picked Urbanista as our stockist of the month.

This week Urbanista will be celebrating 10 years of business! We met Samantha from Urbanista at our very first trade show, 6 years ago!! She has been a wonderful customer and friend of Just Trade ever since.

Urbanista cater for the contemporary lifestyle with a very strong ethos and emphasis on environmental issues. Alongside the Just Trade silver collections and Cosy Cotton Baby range, Samantha has a beautiful ranges of homeware, bags, accessories and even paintings by local artists.

The stories behind the products and the people that make them are really important. Just Trade jewellery is one of my favourite with myself and my customers, also a local jewellery maker, Stephen Roper who puts such love and passion into his work. – Sam (Urbanista’s lovely owner)

We got sent some incredible photos from Sam just the other day of a thunder storm and sunset over Whitstable beach. It’s such a beautiful location:

The sunny seaside town of Whitstable is a perfect summer visit, and annually holds an Oyster Festival to commemorate and celebrate its history of oyster collecting (which dates back to Roman times!). If you pop by, be sure to head to Urbanista and say hello.

Whitstable Oyster Festival: 26 July – 1 Aug 2014

Urbanista - 24 Harbour Street, WHITSTABLE, CT5 1AH


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