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New products from Gambia

African Jeniba is a range of jewellery made by the women of Madina Salaam, The Gambia, and made from local fabrics and large wooden beads. Lottie, Just Trade’s Stock Manager, has been working with these lovely ladies through the WYCE charity, for just over a year, creating some super colourful creations!

In a small rural village called Madina Salaam in The Gambia, WYCE charity are making a massive difference, creating employment opportunities, providing skills training, an education program and also providing primary health care. As part of WYCE aims it is essential for the project to become self sustainable, to do this they need to have products and services to sell.

“We worked through ideas to use local materials, resources and low impact on the use of technical equipment. We advanced our ideas to be able to train two boys to make the beads in the village and source the fabric from a shop only 20 minutes away. We also only use a saw, hand drill, scissors, tapestry needles and a measuring tape to make everything needed for the jewellery.”

Around 25 women aged ranging from 17 years – 40 years are now involved in the project.

Since 2009 on organisation called Wonderland have supported WYCE by hosting club nights and events in London. Throughout January 2012 a group of volunteers from the Wonderland crew visited Madina Salaam. Using money raised from the events they funded the equipment, training and development of this sustainable jewellery project.

Now selling the jewellery at Wonderland events and online here at Just Trade. All profits from the jewellery go to paying the ladies & bead maker’s wages and go back into supporting the WYCE charity project in all its endeavours.

£8 from every necklace sold, and £2.50 from every brooch, will go directly to fund the project.


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