Fair Trade Jewellery and Ethical Jewellery from Just Trade

Welcome to Just Trade we are a UK online fair trade and ethical jewellery shop and are proud to be a member of The British Association for Fair Trade Shops and Suppliers. Starting out in 2006, Just Trade was founded to help fair trade projects with sustainable and long-term routes to market. Our fair trade jewellery is sourced directly by us so we can ensure that all of our products are locally-sourced using ethical materials. We work together with the artisans to create beautiful ethical jewellery and collaborate on the design.

Our fair trade jewellery has been lovingly made using traditional craft skills and materials with expert knowledge. We understand the product development process and give our artisans the tools, knowledge and training for a sustainable business model. By working closely with the artisans we have developed ranges of unique fair trade ethical jewellery which have strong appeal in the UK and European market.