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Introducing - Primi & Bryan

This is Primi, one of our fantastic ladies working in the Zoe Project in Lima, Peru, she has been working for us for 4 years and is INCREDIBLE at crochet. Products that she makes includes ladybirds, forget-me-nots, the new tulips (coming soon) and IWM’s poppies. She is always keen to try out new designs, learn new skills and teach others.

Primi has 3 little boys, the youngest being 18 month old Bryan who has down syndrome and requires physiotherapy 3 times a week. The hospital is a 2 hour bus journey away from home. The costs of Bryan’s treatment and travel are quite overwhelming for Primi, so the rest of the ladies in the project always give Primi work first, Bryan’s health

is always considered a priority.

“This work is like a blessing from the heavens” – Primi

Check out more of the ladies work on our website


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