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Product Spotlight | The Arch Collection

The Arch Collection was developed in collaboration with our amazing team of makers in Lima, Peru for our AW19 collection. The ideas came together during a number of design sessions in the Hope Jewellery work shop and here's a little insight in to the development of the collection.



When it comes to idea generating, we often find going back to basics with some simple cutting and sticking is the best way to get things going and to generate loads of ideas. After some initial rough sketches we selected some key shapes we wanted to work with and began to play around with these in different scales and compositions. We find this a great way to get a feel for how things might work before we move in to sampling with final materials.



With so many new potential ideas now on the table, we reviewed everything we had and decided on the main ideas we wanted take in to material development, one of which was the arch!

When we move in to metal development, that's when we start to think about the finer details, including texture and colour. For the arch collection we developed a new process of marking the metal with dots, creating a pattern that follows the shape of the piece. We were also really excited to use a new green paint that we had sourced and thought this combined with the brass would work perfectly for an Autumn/Winter collection.



The final collection combines subtle texture and pattern, accentuating the simple cut out shapes and forms. The brass components are complimented by forest green elements. The collection offers something for every day wear with simple studs and a ring to the perfect earrings for if you're looking to make a statement.



The Arch collection is not currently available on our website but you can buy it from some of our lovely online stockists below:

- Frankly



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