Product Spotlight | Fairtrade Gold Wedding Rings

We are so excited to be able to now offer Fairtrade gold wedding rings at Just Trade! Choosing your wedding ring is such a special time and choosing Fairtrade can make it that bit more special. Fairtrade gold was launched back in 2011 and ensures the gold that's been used in your jewellery is traceable to a mine that is Fairtrade certified. We've put together some info on Fairtrade gold so you can understand a little more about the process and benefits behind the certification. If this sounds like the perfect chose for you then find out more about booking a consultation with us here.


Working in a Fairtrade mine has lots of benefits for the miners employed there and for the surrounding communities. It ensures that the gold is mined, processed and sold in a responsible and fair way. They key standards that are ensured with Fairtrade certification are:

- FAIR PAY: Certified mines can secure the Farirtrade minimum price for their gold and they also receive a Fairtrade premium on top of this.

- GOOD WORKING CONDITIONS: Miners work in a safe environment, with regular and fair working hours.

- HEALTH & SAFETY: There is a high level of safety practise carried out, including the use of appropriate personal protective equipment and tools. Safe practise is followed when working with chemicals and training is provided for this.

- WORKERS RIGHTS: Miners rights are protected and the formations of workers unions allowed.

- WOMENS EQUAILTY: There is a focus on improved equal rights for woman working within the mining community. Although it is generally considered a male dominated industry, a large proportion of the work force is made up of women, predominantly working at the top of the mine but who carry out crucial parts of the mining process.

- SAFE GUARDING CHILDREN: All mines must meet their countries ILO International Labour Standards and national regulations. No one under the age of 18 is allowed to carry out underground work in the mines and under 15's are not allowed to work on a mining site.

- THE ENVIRONMENT: The use of any chemicals is safely managed and monitored to protect the workers and surrounding community. Consideration of the environmental surroundings is taken and the appropriate measures are taken to help protect this.