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Fashion Revolution Week: 23rd-29th April 2018

What is it?

Fashion Revolution is a global movement which aims to unite people and organisations to work together towards radically changing the way our clothes are sourced, produced and consumed. They campaign to hold the Global Fashion Industry to account for the infringement on the rights of its workers and the exploitation of the planet in order to uproot unethical practice and drive forward positive change.

Fashion Revolution Week will this year be marking the 5th anniversary of the Rana Plaza factory collapse, which killed 1138 people and left many more injured on 24th April 2013. During the week, brands and producers are encouraged to respond to the consumers demand to know #whomademyclothes to demonstrate transparency in their supply chain and call for change within the Global Fashion Industry.

How you can get involved

USE YOUR VOICE: You can post a picture of an item of clothing turned inside out to show your label on Instagram, tweet or email your favourite brand asking the question #whomademyclothes.

ORGANISE AN EVENT: You can find out if there’s anything going on in your area via the Fashion Revolution website or alternatively, put something on yourself. This could be anything from organising a Clothes Swap to exchange items in your wardrobe to putting on a film screening of The True Cost (2016) to raise awareness of the corruption and injustices within the Fast Fashion Industry.

SUPPORT ETHICAL BRANDS: Show support for brands who are upholding ethical and sustainable practices. Here are some of our favourites to check out:

Lucy & Yak make beautiful dungarees and corduroy trousers which are made both in the UK and in a small factory in North India where a

ll the workers are paid a fair living wage and work in safe and clean conditions. Check out their website to read more of their story and pick up a pair of their fabulous dungarees for yourself.

Birdsong is a badass feminist social enterprise, supporting women makers and ensuring that all are paid above the London living wage for their work. As well as making exquisite ethical garments, Birdsong also have an online Journal, which in itself provides a safe space and online platform for discussions, inspirations and recommendations on all things feminist, fair trade and fun!

PO_ZU makes shoes out of responsibly-harvested and renewably-sourced materials from 4 factories in Portugal which all adhere to their principles of fair trade. Their shoes are designed to last, are solvent-free and come in unique and fun-loving designs, of which their Star Wars collection is definitely a highlight. Grab yourself a pair of orange BB8 boots and glide away to a galaxy far far away.

Aura Que works both in the UK and with small producer groups in Asia to create beautiful bags and accessories using traditional skills and local materials. They employ local people that may be affected by discrimination or disabilities, empowering them to provide an income for themselves and their families according to Aura Que’s fair trade principles. They are also our neighbours here in Peckham, so you can take our word for it that they’re a great bunch.

So let’s call for an end to exploitative practices and start a Fashion Revolution!


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