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Just Trade & Fashion Revolution

#Who Made My Clothes?

& why is this question important?

The Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh was when an eight story garment factory collapsed, killing and injuring thousands of workers on April 24, 2013. Despite cracks found in the factory's structure, garment workers had been sent back to work just before the dangerous workspace fell down. This disaster was a horrible wake up call for consumers to question where the products they buy were made, and at what cost. Boycotts of many retailers were organised around the world and change was demanded by consumers shocked by the disaster and their unknowing role in it.

We're proud to say that at Just Trade we make all our jewellery and accessories in sustainable, Fair Trade projects in India, Ecuador, Peru and Vietnam. We support workers in their fight for safe working conditions, sustainable practices and fair pay. The Fashion Revolution movement has called on people around the world to honour the anniversary of the Rana Plaza disaster by asking for greater transparency within the fashion supply chain.

Primi crocheting a new brooch design, Peru

Now thanks to Fashion Revolution's efforts to raise awareness, consumers can make an informed choice. We can take the time to understand where our clothes come from; to ask brands who made them and whether that person is treated and paid fairly.

On 24th April ask brands you wear, 'Who Made My Clothes?' by showing your label, taking a photo of your clothing/jewellery and contacting the company via social media using the hashtag #whomademyclothes

Who made your clothes, your jewellery, everything you consume… It matters, ask the question. The way you shop – it counts.


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