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Laura is jetting off to South America!

We are getting ready to say goodbye to Laura. She will be heading off next week for a month of hard work :

02 FEB – Laura will be arriving in Peru to work with the wonderful ladies from the Zoe and Mama Ursula Projects in Lima, Peru… watch this space for new additions to the brass ribbon collection, crocheted bunnies and sparkly silver… Mmm, sparkly!

17 FEB – She will be leaving Peru and crossing the border over to Ecuador.

18 FEB - Work starts in Ecuador with Olga and her family in Quito and the talented producers in Manabí, who will be expanding our new super popular feathered friends range to include new designs.

24 FEB – Laura returns to London.

Keep an eye on the blog for photos and (crazy) stories from her travels!

(photo: Laura and the girls in Tablada.. laura says, she is looking forward to more delicious yellow peruvian food)


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