Reusable Face Mask




Reusable Face Mask

  • This mask is hand made from beautifully soft, fairtrade and organic cotton by the women of the Flowering Desert project in India.  The project provides training and fairly paid work for women from the Mahila Aran Trust and the surrounding rural community in Tamil Nadu.


    Sustainability is at the heart of the fair trade movement and these masks have been designed to offer an eco-friendly, reusable alternative to the single use mask.  The mask has a section that you can insert a filter in to, offering greater protection than fabric alone.


    Each mask comes in a fabric gift bag with a beautiful accompanying fold-out insert, detailing the story behind the mask and guidance for how to use it safely.



  • Adult: W 23.5cm x H 13cm

    Child: W 18cm x H 10cm

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