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Twelve Grapes, Yellow Pants and an Empty Suitcase

We are always fascinated by the many customs and superstitions that surround significant dates and festivals in Peru. As we are coming to the end of 2014 we thought we would share a couple that you might want to try out this New Years Eve…..

  • If you are hoping for a happy and prosperous 2015, on the stroke of midnight you need to eat twelve grapes under a table, saying the name of each month as they are consumed rapidly. This will ensure good luck for every month of the year.

  • Or if you fancy the idea of travelling in 2015 you could run around the block at midnight with an empty suitcase, briefcase, or backpack to travel this will be sure to make your travel dreams become a reality.

  • If you are hoping for a pay rise next year, try placing coins inside your shoes and then wearing them.

  • Carefully consider your underwear choice, specific colours of pants will represent something you desire in the upcoming year: Yellow for luck and happiness, green for money, red for love, and white for health!

But be warned if you are thinking of trying out the wearing of coloured pants to ensure that next years wishes to come true, then you need to make sure the pants are new and brought for you by someone else, otherwise it won’t work!

And finally if you want to have a prosperous end to 2014 and a couple of weeks off in early January we suggest, you set up a stall selling yellow pants and grapes in Lima, you’ll be sure to do a roaring trade!


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