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During our most recent trip to Peru last year we developed the Ruthi collection which was launched in AW19.  Here's a little behind the scenes on how we developed the collection and the different processes involved.


One of the things we love doin...

#Who Made My Clothes?

& why is this question important?

The Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh was when an eight story garment factory collapsed, killing and injuring thousands of workers on April 24, 2013. Despite cracks found in the factory's structure, garment workers...

Located on the very trendy and wonderfully diverse, Cowley Road in Oxford.  Indigo is smack bang in the middle of an exciting cultural hub of music, art and brilliant food.  The street is lined with independent shops, amazing pubs and music venues with a wonderful...

Situated on the very stylish Lamb’s Conduit Street, Volte face is surrounded by foodie hot spot’s and fashionable menswear boutiques.  The store sells design-led gifts, stand-out stationery, artists’ products and books, with an emphasis on fun!


The inspiration for the...


“My first camera was a Christmas present when I was eight, a Kodak instamatic and I instantly loved taking photographs.. Of course that was back in the seventies, but I remember the excitement when the photographs came back from the developers; opening the packet to s...


After a long and exciting wait, our Tagua Animal Pendants are now stocked in shops all round the country!


This collection is hand carved from Tagua by the Sosote Fair Trade Project in Ecuador. Laura went out and worked alongside Darwin, Carlos and Ronald to develop th...

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