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As well as the tagua jewellery we designed for Laura Ashley this season, we have also designed a range of brass and silver plated jewellery, made by the talented artisans we work with at the

Flowering Desert Project in India. We have been collaborating with this all-fem...


After a crazy couple of months including 3 trade shows, 3 public speaking engagements, 2 wonderful interns and a new stock control system, I am finally getting around to writing the final instalment of the blog about our trip to work with the fantastic Flowering Deser...


The Flowering Desert Project in rural Southern India is run by Mercy Imondi of the Mahalir Aran Trust.


Mahalir Aran means “Women’s Fortress” reflecting the fact that the trust offers a safe home for over 100 of the most vulnerable women and children in...

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